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Walls.io is an easy-to-use social media hub that collects and displays all user-generated content for a hashtag and from your social profiles! Showcase the best photos, posts or videos from your community on more than 10 social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Google+, Flickr and many others)! Walls.io can be used as a stand alone app, as widget, mobile or through our API. Check out some usecases below:

- Use Walls.io as a next-generation social wall at your event or venue! Wether on a projector or LCD TV - Walls.io is a great eye catcher and connects your event to what's going on in social media!

- Use Walls.io as the easiest way for successful hashtag marketing! Design your campaign- or photo contest around a unique hashtag and let your community spread the word in a truly cross channel way!

- Use Walls.io as the foundation for your website or app! Want to build your own project based on user-generated content? Let Walls.io do the hard work and aggregate content from all across the social web! Using our simple API, you can easily integrate all those photos, posts, tweets etc. into your own website or native app!

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