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Special Deal for December 20th

With Dealrally every day is like Christmas. The app offers a lot of discounts throughout the whole year. At one restaurant you get every 4th lunch for free, at another restaurant the side dish of your burger meal is for free! And there is even more to discover! Download now!

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Save money every time you go to a restaurant! How? With Dealrally! This App for iOS and Android takes stamp cards to the 21st century. Instead of collecting your stamps with an old-fashioned paper card, you can scan QR-Codes with your smartphone and collect the scans on your phone.

If you have collected enough scans, the next meal will be for free! But Dealrally is more than just a mobile stamp card. Besides stampcards you also find a lot of immediate discounts, which can be used instantly at your first visit at a restaurant.


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